Ofad Projects


Off The Road: Of the random whatever in our lives, we are Rusczyk. The anatomy of the anniversary.

Road Journal by The Rusczyks chronicling the months of July & August 2011


Seth Curtis exposed

Photos of random: Seth Curtis touches upon his feelings toward the Road Warrior, Tom Waits, San Pellegrino, and new socks...


Barnstormers-Cameron, NC

I recently traveled to Cameron, NC to see the murals on all of the old tobacco barns painted by the "Barnstormers."


Justin Visnesky

Justin Visnesky exposed: selected works 2006 - 2010


The Height of the Hudson

A party, every party should have a beginning and an ending and something in between.


Off The Road: The Rusczyks for the holidays

The Rusczyks invite you to go Off The Road with them on their holiday in the Rosa.


Lee Misenheimer - Devil Dowsing

Lee Misenheimer - Devil Dowsing
November 2010


Save the best for last

Miles and miles of ocean, cruising the coast. The RV headed down the great 101 South to San Francisco, CA.


Noel Paris: Ofad Dada project

Ofad advocate Noel Paris invites us into his process of making art through sounds & vision, borrowing from the chance and the random to shape outcome.


Off The Road: the making of "The New Rusczyks"

Seven months in the planning resulted in six weeks in our hearts, join us as we Join Us! This is the making of the New Rusczyks.