Ofad Project

Lila Vs. The Crizzler

Lila Cugini & Chris Wells: a musical conversation about past works & new spaces they both may now inhabit.
{The Collective}

Lila Cugini & Chris Wells: a musical conversation about past works & new spaces they both may now inhabit.
{The Collective}

About This Project

For awhile now Chris and Lila have been staging these little performances around Santa Rosa at the local bars all of our friends frequent. The shows consist of Chris's videos projected on a screen or wall and Lila singing songs or telling stories that she wrote. Most of the songs were written for the videos and most of the videos depict Chris's family life in the Midwest. - Ofad


One time I was sitting on a park bench and a deaf guy comes up to me and says "Where are all the good open mics are around here?" He had an accent like Marlee Matlin.. He asked me back to his room and he played me one of his songs on an electric guitar with his amp turned up really loud.. I'd love to report back that he shredded like J. Mascis but afterwards I said "Do you know what chords are?" He said "No, I taught myself.."

One time I met a teenage girl wearing a Walkman.. she was singing out loud along to "Colors of the Wind" from the Pocahontas movie.. I told her I loved that song then she asked me if I loved the Backstreet Boys too.. I lied and then she sang me one of their songs as an encore..

One time a bus driver held up a guitar on a crowded bus I was on and asked if anyone knew how to play "Angels From Montgomery".. I sorta did and no one else spoke up and when I was done singing there were only crickets left on the bus.. as I was exiting the bus the driver said "You'll get there.."

One time I started a choir called Choir Choir Pants on Fire and Chris Wells and Mike Ruscyck auditioned.. One night after practicing Black Sabbath's "War Pigs" twenty seven times in a row we all sat around my laptop watching random people sing different versions of Christina Aguilera's song "Beautiful" on youtube..

Yesterday, I walked over to the Bike Peddler to see Chris and see how his recent trip back home was.. He said they caught lots of fish and they put them in the sink to die.. only they were having trouble dying so Chris's mom starts hitting the fish and then when they wouldn't die he said she started cutting at their throats..easing them gently into the afterlife.. Chris told me he has the video to prove it.


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