A Visit With

Visits are an attempt to capture small interactions with a particular person or place.

Justin Visnesky

Justin Visnesky exposed: selected works 2006 - 2010


The Height of the Hudson

A party, every party should have a beginning and an ending and something in between.

Anatomy of a Las Vegas visit, wedding and all

Long nights and city lights plus a wedding or two. A walk through a blurry Easter weekend in Vegas with Mike, Michelle and friends. {a visit with}

I am a scientist, a visit with BJ Sellhorn

Ofad Friend George "BJ" Sellhorn talks with us about marriage, skateboarding, and a solution to the HIV epidemic.
This is {a visit with}

Visit with Rosa Bro: Portraits of Northern California life

Mike Rusczyk makes a small visit to Santa Rosa. Checking in with friends, family, and changes. This is a looking back that looks forward or {a visit with}

Catching up with John Methvin

Mike Ruscyk does a little catching up with friend of Ofad John Methvin - driinking, driving, coffee, skating, talking, and more driving. {a visit with}