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Catching up with John Methvin

Mike Ruscyk does a little catching up with friend of Ofad John Methvin - driinking, driving, coffee, skating, talking, and more driving. {a visit with}

Mike Ruscyk does a little catching up with friend of Ofad John Methvin - driinking, driving, coffee, skating, talking, and more driving. {a visit with}

Catching up with John Methvin

Back Story

I met John around 1997; I was living in the industrial South Side of Chicago. John had just moved to the city with some recent transplants from Traverse City Michigan. Living far outside of the city always proved to be a pain in the ass and kept me from enjoying the finer points of the great city of Chicago. I would make my way in every weekend, crashing on couches and living a generally bummy broke lifestyle trying to be part of city living.

John has as long as I have known him been a well-adjusted person and an amazing skateboarder. Chicago in the late '90s had a really tight knit skateboard scene comprised mostly of few groups friends. It really was the best time in skateboarding for me. To this day you can find most of the originals around the city still hanging out together and still keeping things the way they should be.

As this new group of skaters from Michigan started to skate the city we all started to hang out. It was very soon after that I was paying the dudes from Traverse City $100 here and there to crash on their hard linoleum floor in Humboldt Park. Living and skating with John and the guys are some of my best memories of life in Chicago.

These videos are a little of what Mr. Methvin has been up to over the past ten-plus years since we got to do some real catching up.

Some extras of John that were not used in the Uprise Video.

John helped to make this little jam / best trick contest go down:
"MODEST & UPRISE PRESENT: Grant Park Plaza Skate Jam Sunday, October 28th, 2007 Event sponsored by: Lakai Limited Footwear Element Skateboards Diamond Supply Co. ACE Trucks DC Shoes The Skateboard".

The Visit

I had the chance to go back to Chicago for New Years 2009 and do some catching up with some good friends. On New Year's night I ran into John partying at this bar my friends had rented out for the night. John informed me that he was to move to LA fairly soon and we should hang out when he got there. It was not until eight months later that I got a chance to catch up with him.

It seems that John happened to move to Southern California in a similar way as I managed to be relocated down here. As it happens a small opportunity opened up here in Southern California and life around him in Chicago was growing too routine and stale. He had spent over 10 years in the same loft in Wicker Park, gone to all the same bars seeing the same faces, the same places, for too long.

On a whim John said fuck it, moved across the country, and found himself living outside Echo Park working for the same Coffee company that he worked for in Chicago.
Found herein is a small documentation of my catching up with John over a few days in and around Los Angeles.

Intelligentsia Coffee epic cappuccino
Intelligentsia Coffee and tea - old building
Intelligentsia Coffee - interior
John Methvin conversation
John Methvin
Mattress Store Newport Beach
John infront  of a Mattress Store Newport Beach
Anatomy of a conversation two
Czech Bar Porn Table
The Czech Republic girlfriend
Intelligentsia Coffee
Intelligentsia Coffee grind samples
Intelligentsia Coffee tasting
Intelligentsia Coffee brake area
Intelligentsia Coffee
Intelligentsia photo of an old Mike Mcgill
Intelligentsia Beans
Intelligentsia Roasting
Intelligentsia packing orders
Intelligentsia services
More Coffee
John pulling shot
Drink coffee get amped go skate

Some sources that The Ofad suggests if you have the chance you should check out.

When in Chicago and being a skateboarder you must go and checkout some of Chicago's Finest over at Uprise. If you consider your self a coffee cynosure then head over to an Intelligentsia - near you and have a different type of coffee experience. - Mike


Mike, Your lucky you get to

Mike, Your lucky you get to hang out with John. We miss him here in Chicago. This story made it feel like I was kicking it with him again. Thanks for this.

John, I'm mad jealous. I need to get the F out of chicago too. I've been here since 98 and am ready.

You two rock. Thanks for creating this!!

Love it.

Love it.

Rad article, on a Rad Dude,

Rad article, on a Rad Dude, by a Rad Dude.

hey mike, next time you come

hey mike, next time you come through silver lake hit me up!

Mike whats up duder it was

Mike whats up duder it was good to see you in these pics its been too long since we've hung out. Take it sleazy I hope to hear from you soon.

Awesome stuff, bro!!!

Awesome stuff, bro!!!

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