Portrait of Phil Taylor

Posted November 16, 2009 Photos By Mike Rusczyk Photo of the moment »
Portrait of Phil Taylor
Portrait of Phil Taylor
Portrait of Phil Taylor
Portrait of Phil Taylor

Phil Taylor performing for the Ofad Coming Of Age event at the Long Beach art space. For anyone who has the change to see him, Phil Taylor delivers through his performance the purest form of his power and light. I and the Ofad are very grateful to Phil for gracing our event with this presence.

I have seen Phil Taylor perform a number of times now and every time I'm always taken by the emotional level of what is going on; it's as if you cannot help but be disarmed by the power of what your seeing him do. There is a humility in his actions that resonates and commands your attention. As you watch him you get a sense that you are witnessing some sort of shamanistic ritual, an invocation or prayer taking place.

These photos were shot during a show we did in Long Beach at Eric Simpson's space on Nov.14, 2009.
The show was a group effort and consisted of friends and family of Ofad.


Thanks man I really

Thanks man I really appreciate you being at this show and participating.

This dude blew my mind I

This dude blew my mind I have never seen anything like it, he was the center of the whole evening, crazy - good work...

I heard about this from a

I heard about this from a friend went to the event and when I walked in I heard loud guitar and chanting from out side in the alley. When I came in I had no idea what to think a guy on a unicycle playing music, I seen it all.

Saw Phil and his band oso

Saw Phil and his band oso when doing sound for them in 2007 here in Chicago. I was so captivated by the groups energy I did not hesitate to buy both albums 48507 and Lonesome Tunnel Hum These Strong Arm Drones. Words cannot describe the musical integrity and feeling Phil produces and gives to audience listeners.

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