Pigs on the wing the Rhino by train

Posted October 14, 2010 Photo: Rhino Photo of the moment »

Years ago I was on a skate trip around Europe - first London, then the south of France, onto Germany into Sweden, three weeks of planes, trains, and automobiles. Our photographer for the trip was Rhino, I had never skated with or met Rhino until this trip and was soon super stoked that he was on it. As the trip progressed it became apparent that Rhino had no qualms about getting into crazy situations and was down to see where things lead, that is to say the dude had no hangups.

As I look back allot of what made that trip for me was being on crazy schedule and letting things pile out of control while rolling with it the whole time. Rhino was on that same schedule of piling out of control but somehow throughout the whole trip he retained his composure while parting more then any of us. He was the most together and reliable one on that trip, you knew that Rhino was there if shit got crazy and he could crush anyone.

This photo was shot from a moving train while leaving London England, I was at the window with my point and shoot camera when I looked across the train to see that the most epic industrial building in the history of Rock N Roll passing by. Not being able to lean in to shoot a photo I handed my camera to Rhino as he was sitting next to the window, he shot one photo and nailed it spot on. Every time I look at this photo I wish I had been the one who shot it and think how sick it is that Rhino pointed and clicked and the photo turned out so perfect. This photo will always remind me of that trip and shit went down in so many ways.

- Mike


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