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I have known Josh South for years now and when I look back I start to realize the role his friendship has played over the years. As you get older and time gets colder things start to shape out of nowhere, your life changes in larger and weirder ways. Events, people, time, all blur as the speed of your free-time passes into smaller and smaller chunks, friends go and shit falls by the wayside. Josh is an interesting one because I meet him a really long time ago in a really small town, we were both not from that walk of life but as it seemed we were stuck there. Over the years the Josh South from that little town in Indiana faded into the past and got forgotten.

I long time later I received contact from him by chance, I know now that if had not happened the way it did I would not know Josh as good as I think I know him now. Years latter and a few months ago Josh let me know he was getting married. Now as you get older you hear this sorta shit all of the time and it just seems like what people do as they reach a certain point. With Josh it was a bit different and this news seemed so rad and out of nowhere. It did not seem crazy or half cooked or safe or any other bullshit reasons why people get married, it just seemed right and that got me both really stoked and really tripped out. I could tell he was so legitimately stoked and it was now time to settle into the role of husband. Prior to him telling me this I had meet his girlfriend / future Miss. South only once. Her name is Mariela and when I first meet her I kept blowing it and forgetting her name or saying it completely wrong, she is very sweet, super smart, and really funny.

So here's to Josh and Mariela South you guys rip and I'm glad to be a friend to the both of you.

- Mike




i enjoyed this proud to say

i enjoyed this proud to say josh is my nephew. can't wait to meet his new wife maybe some day he will come visit this small town in indiana. love u josh

Very well said... Congrats

Very well said... Congrats Josh and Mariela!



I love the pictures. I am

I love the pictures. I am very PROUD to say that Josh is my Favorite nephew, him and I have always had a great relationship, and I am so proud of him for doing everything that he has ever done. CONGRATULATIONS Josh1 Cant wait till you decide to come back to the small town of Carmi, IL. love ya!

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