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Posted February 19, 2011 Photo: Mike Rusczyk Photo of the moment »

Brian is the some what interesting "web marketing" dude for éS, what ever the fuck that means... I work with Brian on éS projects and have become acquainted with him in a work only relationship. As I get older find myself in work only relationships with a lot of people, the nature of this type of relationship takes on very strange constructs and my Brian Jones experiences have mostly been based in the daily operations of éS. Every once in a while you can fashion a glimpse into the soul of Mr. Jones, it being a landscape of emotion, a blaze of hair, and glasses that mirror ones iner-reaches of what they think their hair and glasses should be... and... Mr. Jones is a man with places to see and be and go... this is when the places you see you should go are places to be... I think... Anyway this is a portrait of the man that is Mr. brianjone1...
- Mike


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