Mike Rusczyk: Projects


Off The Road: Of the random whatever in our lives, we are Rusczyk. The anatomy of the anniversary.

Road Journal by The Rusczyks chronicling the months of July & August 2011


Justin Visnesky

Justin Visnesky exposed: selected works 2006 - 2010


Off The Road: The Rusczyks for the holidays

The Rusczyks invite you to go Off The Road with them on their holiday in the Rosa.


Off The Road: the making of "The New Rusczyks"

Seven months in the planning resulted in six weeks in our hearts, join us as we Join Us! This is the making of the New Rusczyks.


Photographer Ryan Zimmerman exposed

Ryan Answers about life, New York, Ghost Bikes, and staying stoked, this is Ryan Zimmerman {Exposed}.

Anatomy of a Las Vegas visit, wedding and all

Long nights and city lights plus a wedding or two. A walk through a blurry Easter weekend in Vegas with Mike, Michelle and friends. {a visit with}

Mike Rusczyk Books of Light Volume One

A walk through Mike Rusczyk's spiritual disorder in journal form. This volume eight years in the making is now part of Ofad's {Books of Light}.

I am a scientist, a visit with BJ Sellhorn

Ofad Friend George "BJ" Sellhorn talks with us about marriage, skateboarding, and a solution to the HIV epidemic.
This is {a visit with}

Visit with Rosa Bro: Portraits of Northern California life

Mike Rusczyk makes a small visit to Santa Rosa. Checking in with friends, family, and changes. This is a looking back that looks forward or {a visit with}

Catching up with John Methvin

Mike Ruscyk does a little catching up with friend of Ofad John Methvin - driinking, driving, coffee, skating, talking, and more driving. {a visit with}