Layne Hutchison: Projects


Barnstormers-Cameron, NC

I recently traveled to Cameron, NC to see the murals on all of the old tobacco barns painted by the "Barnstormers."


The Height of the Hudson

A party, every party should have a beginning and an ending and something in between.


Lee Misenheimer - Devil Dowsing

Lee Misenheimer - Devil Dowsing
November 2010


Save the best for last

Miles and miles of ocean, cruising the coast. The RV headed down the great 101 South to San Francisco, CA.

Off The Road: Layne Hutchison Roadtrippin' in the Northwest 2010

Ofad follows Layne Hutchison via email and iPhone photos as he goes Off The Road.
(Frisco, the last stop of the trip) Sunday May 23nd 7:40 pm

Sometimes its nice to simply point and shoot.

As Simple As Can Be

Mobile imaging is becoming more and more advanced. With all of the newest technology, who knows what will be next.