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turn it up!

turn it up!

LISTEN UP! This is Sonoma County Records Management with DJ Max Wordlow, so be hear NOW!

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Dae Yung

One for the road... It's been a long time sience aything has gone up, This one was for Wade it is now for Matt.

this is a REMIX 7

DJ Max Wordlow & tuxedo rap & me & u

Max Wordlow plays rare groove

Rare Groove , the second installment...

Mega Mix

DJ Max wordlow plays some of his favorite cut & paste / mega mix / scratch tracks

these are the breaks

Too $hort and Donny Hathaway talk about the ghetto

Another one from the archive

DJ Max Wordlow pulls a mix from the vaults he put together in 2007

Max Wordlow plays rare groove

more funk & soul selected by DJ Max Wordlow

Max Wordlow is back in town

DJ Max Wordlow's newest funk 45 mix... LISTEN UP!


DJ Max Wordlow plays Jazz records on Radio Ofad

these are the ROCK breaks

DJ Max Wordlow plays rock records that were used to make songs by: Jay Dee, Latyrx, Young MC, Peanut Butter Wolf, Diamond D, D-Nice, Beastie Boys, Blackalicious plus many more... Radio Ofad

this is a REMIX 6

Max Wordlow blends the Jungle Brothers with J Dilla... Radio Ofad

this is a REMIX 5

Max Wordlow blends Kelis with Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra... Radio Ofad

this is a REMIX 4

YoungBloodZ got 5 on it with DJ Max Wordlow... Radio Ofad

this is a REMIX 3

Max Wordlow and the Yung Bag Lady Joc... Radio Ofad

this is a REMIX 2

DJ Max Wordlow blends Frontline with T-Pain, Radio Ofad

this is a REMIX

Max Wordlow blends Janet Jackson & Jazze Pha, Radio Ofad

one take & I'm out

DJ Max Wordlow plays: youngbloodz vs. lil wayne + more = Radio Ofad

Max Wordlow plays some funk 45's

I feel like this funky music let the good times roll funky to the bone this funky music makes you feel good charlie brother we got to love one another the chicken till i get my share do it baby whole lot of woman chicken strut who's gonna take the weight you can have watergate just gimme some bucks and i'll be straight freaky to you... Radio Ofad

DJ Max Wordlow plays Curtis Mayfield


Soulfire Soulfire Soulfire Soulfire

DJ Max Wordlow plays some rough funk from the vaults of Soulfire records

DJ Max Wordlow plays Bill Withers


Stereophonic Sound

DJ Max Wordlow presents "Stereophonic Sound". Hip hop records blended together for 60 minutes plus a little bit of funk thrown in the mix too.

live! in his bedroom vol. 5

"But listen to this mix and you’ll know what he means. Long outros that would get chopped by entry-level Serato motherfuckers lay here in the buff..." -Gabe Meline


a look back at the 7" singles released on the Memphix record label

these are the breaks

listen to the original songs used to make the "bust a move" beat

these are the breaks

To make the song "straight out the jungle" the Jungle Brothers looped the drum break from the beginning of the Bill Withers song "kissing my love" and...

sixteen forty fives & one twelve inch

new records and old records but all new to me

Max Wordlow and Phil play rare groove

lots of funk, soul and jazz on this mix

DJ Max Wordlow: one from the archive

This is a mixtape I made in 2005... {Radio Ofad}

DJ Max Wordlow - sister funk

This mix is my version of the popular "sister funk" compilation that came out in 2000...

DJ Max Wordlow - funk 45 mix

60 minute mix using all original issue 45 rpm funk records. {Radio Ofad}

DJ Max Wordlow live! in his bedroom vol. 4

30 minute mix I put together a couple nights ago. Some hip hop, some funk. {Radio Ofad}

DJ Max Wordlow live! in his bedroom vol. 3

More hip hop and funk mixed together on two turntables using vinyl records.

DJ Max Wordlow live! in his bedroom vol. 2

50 minute hip hop mix recorded the old school way using vinyl records.