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A few days in the city.

Its been a while since I've been in New York. I figured it would be to my advantage to take a trip in the Spring so I could enjoy the city to the fullest.


Southeastern Storm Season

Two weeks ago a record number of tornadoes touched ground in North Carolina leaving nothing but devastation.


A Sight Unseen

The Daily Ordinary: What is seen through my eyes on a regular basis.


An Evening Elsewhere

An Evening in Chapel Hill to see the Walkmen and Lower Dens play a show. Its nice to have options these days.


Parallel To The Tracks

Some places and things just never really change.


Summer's End

With Winter at our fingertips, I am wishing Summer stuck around a bit longer.


Old Man of the Lake

Crater Lake, Oregon. "Old Man of the Lake" "Wizard Island" "Phantom Ship"


Terwilliger Springs, Oregon

A visit to the Terwilliger Hot Springs at Cougar Reservoir in Oregon


Get Lost in The Woods

Its all about getting lost in the woods. Leaving Mt. Hood was difficult, but waking up to Bagby Hot Springs was not bad at all.


Mt. Hood, Oregon

We left Portland and headed straight for Mt. Hood. With a great skatepark, nice weather and beautiful scenery, we were set for the next few days.