The Office of Recent Hearts

March 1, 2011 Sounds posted by Mike Rusczyk
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About this show:

Not so simply put... the seemingly random can sometimes align, differences become less defining, similarities less sporadic, a large set of tones can sometimes combine to create a unity of parts - a singularity of voice... Or just some random songs on a random Mixtape that is not a tape from some random site in the vast universe of the interweb.



  1. proceeding, made, or occurring without definite aim, reason, or pattern: the random selection of numbers.
  2. Statistics. of or characterizing a process of selection in which each item of a set has an equal probability of being chosen.
  3. Building Trades.
    • a. (of building materials) lacking uniformity of dimensions: random shingles.
    • a. (of building materials) lacking uniformity of dimensions: random shingles.
    • b. (of ashlar) laid without continuous courses.
    • c. constructed or applied without regularity: random bond.

In order of appearance:

  1. Road To Nowhere / Little Creatures / Talking Heads
  2. A Teenager in Love / The Pains of Being Pure at Heart / The Pains of Being Pure at Heart
  3. Cold Cold Heaven / Mentor Tormentor / Earlimart
  4. Let My Love Open The Door / Empty Glass / Pete Townshend
  5. End Of The Line / Collection / The Traveling Wilburys
  6. Try Love / Tied & True / Detroit Cobras
  7. City Of Dreams / True Stories / Talking Heads
  8. And I Don't (So Now I Do) / Speak Kindly Of Your Volunteer Fire Department / Robert Pollard With Doug Gillard
  9. The Lie / Legless / Alpaca Brothers
  10. Half-Man - Half-Mole / Songs of You and Me / Chris Knox
  11. Kills All My Fun / Here Come the Cars / David Kilgour
  12. Wished I Was A Giant / Vampire On Titus / Guided By Voices
  13. Hardened Heart Blues / Capricorn / The Go
  14. Gravity's Gone / A Blessing And A Curse / Drive-By Truckers
  15. Gasoline Soaked Heart / The Better Angels Of Our Nature / Glossary
  16. Trains Across The Sea / Starlite Walker / Silver Jews
  17. Little Girl In Bloom / Thin Lizzy Vagabonds Of The Western World / Thin Lizzy
  18. Different Eyes / Sebastopol / Jay Farrar
  19. Challengers / Challengers / The New Pornographers
  20. The Dog-End of a Day Gone By / Seventh Dream of Teenage Heaven / Love And Rockets
  21. The Trees / We Love Life / Pulp
  22. Sugar Spun Sister / The Stone Roses / The Stone Roses
  23. Teen Age Riot / Daydream Nation / Sonic Youth
  24. Honest James / Trees Outside The Academy / Thurston Moore
  25. Curls / Album / Girls
  26. Sombre Reptiles / Another Green World / Brian Eno
  27. How Many Worlds / Another Day on Earth / Brian Eno
  28. The Fireside / Popular Songs / Yo La Tengo
  29. Taking Tiger Mountain / Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy) / Brian Eno
  30. Wot's . . . Uh The Deal / Obscured by Clouds / Pink Floyd
  31. Behind That Locked Door / All Things Must Pass / George Harrison
  32. Hands On the Wheel / Red Headed Stranger / Willie Nelson


Sick Mix, a little crazed

Sick Mix, a little crazed when you look at the tarck list but it works, keep it up.

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