these are the breaks

July 30, 2010 Sounds posted by Matt Wadlow
Radio Ofad: these are the breaks - straight out the jungle Download Radio Ofad

To make the song "straight out the jungle" the Jungle Brothers looped the drum break from the beginning of the Bill Withers song "kissing my love" and then looped the guitar from the Mandrill song "mango meat" and then they rapped over it. Pretty simple stuff. I recorded "straight out the jungle" followed by the two records that were sampled to make the song. I also included two more cover versions of "kissing my love". Both with pretty heavy drum breaks. The first one is an instrumental version by Afrique and the second one is a vocal version by Cold Blood.

breaks012.jpg breaks013.jpg breaks014.jpg breaks016.jpg breaks017.jpg


OMG! i love Matt! If he

OMG! i love Matt! If he wasn't taken by a wonderfull woman I'd have to steal him! Instead i will just longingly stare at him at work.

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