DJ Max Wordlow live! in his bedroom vol. 3

October 21, 2009 Sounds posted by Matt Wadlow
DJ Max Wordlow live! in his bedroom vol. 3 Download Radio Ofad
This mix features the following artists:
  1. J. Rawls
  2. Illa J
  3. One Self - Amp Fiddler remix
  4. Colossus - DJ Zeph remix
  5. DJ Alibi feat. Bamboombox
  6. Longevity Crew
  7. DJ Zeph feat. Azeem
  8. Ocote Soul Sounds - Quantic remix
  9. Common
  10. Jay Dee
  11. Thes One & Raashan Ahmad
  12. Eddie Bo & The Soul Finders
  13. Mighty Mo
  14. James Brown


Hey Matt, great set...keep

Hey Matt, great set...keep it up!

So damn good!

So damn good!

Choice cuts - smooth flow.

Choice cuts - smooth flow. Keep on keepin' on!!!

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