Nathanetics + Pony Attack!! Vol.4 Sad Songs Make Me Happy

November 21, 2009 Sounds posted by Nathan Bell
Nathanetics + Pony Attack!! Vol.4 Sad Songs Make Me Happy Download Radio Ofad

About this show:

Nathanetics + pony attack!!
RADIO OFAD podcast Volume.4 : Sad Songs Make Me Happy

What can I say? I'm a sucker for sad. This right here is a melancholy mix of sound. Some are straight to the point heart string pullers and others just have a slight debbie downer vibe. Be it with words, notes or tone or all of the above. But they all bring me happiness in the form of sadness. It is a weird phenomenon...hope you enjoy/cry.-N

What It Is!
  1. Cutting Crew / I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight
  2. Ultravox / Dancing With Tears In My Eyes
  3. The Black Angels / Better Off Alone
  4. Fever Ray / If I Had A Heart
  5. Lou Reed / Satellite Of Love
  6. Melanie / Brand New Key
  7. The Band / The Weight
  8. Neil Young / Only Love Can Break Your Heart
  9. Wintersleep / Fog
  10. Woody Guthrie / Cocaine Blues
  11. Ugly Casanova / Hotcha Girls
  12. Dent May & His Magnificent Ukulele / College Town Boy
  13. AL Jarreau / Ain't No Sunshine
  14. Barbara McNair / You're Gonna Love My Baby
  15. The Ponys / Let's Kill Ourselves
  16. Suicide / Cheree
  17. Eef Barzelay / I Wasn't Really Drunk
  18. The Decemberists / Red Right Ankle
  19. Tina & Daddy (George Jones) / The Telephone Call
  20. Love / Everybody's Gotta Live
  21. Bo Diddley / Pills
  22. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club / Ain't No Easy Way
  23. Murder City Devils / Dear Hearts
  24. Dramarama / Anything,Anything
  25. Guns N' Roses / Knockin On Heavens Door
  26. Jawbreaker / Kiss The Bottle
  27. Hank Williams / There's A Tear In My Beer
  28. Ryan Adams / Come Pick Me Up
  29. The Zombies / What More Can I Do
  30. The 13th Floor Elevators / It's All Over Now, Baby Blue
  31. Elliot Smith / Fond Farewell
  32. Tupac / Changes


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