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email form Elias Ressegatti regarding where skateboarders go when they get oldver it

Email regarding the Mike Rusczyk's Skateboard Mag Guest Ed.

Calibration A group art show May 28th 2010

Calibration, A group show featuring the works of Ras, Marco Saiz, Jose Cerda, Raul Zarate, Mike Ripper and Ron Chatman. May 28th from 7:00pm - 11:00pm.

April is my favorite month

The month of April is usually pretty nice to me. My birthday, camping, and crazy people. I could not ask for much more.

Flugtag Submission

Alive and well

In Bloom

The colors are changing; The flowers are blooming, again. The cats are anxious and well.

sixteen forty fives & one twelve inch

new records and old records but all new to me