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a look back at the 7" singles released on the Memphix record label


Terwilliger Springs, Oregon

A visit to the Terwilliger Hot Springs at Cougar Reservoir in Oregon


East Coast Mancation

A trip to the east coast type situation...


Get Lost in The Woods

Its all about getting lost in the woods. Leaving Mt. Hood was difficult, but waking up to Bagby Hot Springs was not bad at all.

these are the breaks

listen to the original songs used to make the "bust a move" beat


Mt. Hood, Oregon

We left Portland and headed straight for Mt. Hood. With a great skatepark, nice weather and beautiful scenery, we were set for the next few days.

these are the breaks

To make the song "straight out the jungle" the Jungle Brothers looped the drum break from the beginning of the Bill Withers song "kissing my love" and...



A collection of cell phone generated animations while hanging out with my 5 year old nephew Bradley...

Only a fool looks at a finger pointed at the sky

- Random