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Soulfire Soulfire Soulfire Soulfire

DJ Max Wordlow plays some rough funk from the vaults of Soulfire records


Stay On The Path

A few months ago I embarked on a hike into the jungles of Los Angeles. Yes, this is in LA, believe it or not. I am looking forward to many more hike club adventures.

DJ Max Wordlow plays Bill Withers


Stereophonic Sound

DJ Max Wordlow presents "Stereophonic Sound". Hip hop records blended together for 60 minutes plus a little bit of funk thrown in the mix too.


Getting lost in the desert: two occasions of fun with the sun

When live in Southern California some times you have to venture into the desert for one reason or another...


Subject: Wisconsin Fall

A recent email from Das Wolf in regards to traveling back to the Midwest in autumn and watching the Wisconsin countryside fall by...


Around The House: take stock of your environment

Items that exist in my existence in my house that is an our house that is occupied by my wife and I. The home of The New Rusczyks looks something like this.


Apologizes and other misconceptions about productivity: or just some miss spelled bullshit

An attempt to qualm the aspirations of any re-occurring visitors to this site...


Old Man of the Lake

Crater Lake, Oregon. "Old Man of the Lake" "Wizard Island" "Phantom Ship"

live! in his bedroom vol. 5

"But listen to this mix and you’ll know what he means. Long outros that would get chopped by entry-level Serato motherfuckers lay here in the buff..." -Gabe Meline