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An Evening Elsewhere

An Evening in Chapel Hill to see the Walkmen and Lower Dens play a show. Its nice to have options these days.


Via email: rodent studio is up and rolling (again)

Anyone who knows Eric "Rodent" Cheslak can attest to his occasional abrasive presence, when it comes to him making sound collages he in some way transfers this impression to an audio landscape.


Parallel To The Tracks

Some places and things just never really change.


Summer's End

With Winter at our fingertips, I am wishing Summer stuck around a bit longer.


Re: Mogwick aka Lardlungs

Log rider and distant friend Morgan Wick, emailed me just the other year...

DJ Max Wordlow plays Curtis Mayfield


DJ Dollar Short: Boogie Buttoxxx

Ofad's long time friend and a Midwest original Tony Allen introduces us to DJ Dollar Short's apatite to move your ass. So LISTEN UP and get your back up off the wall. This is Radio Ofad