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YDM, it's official the movement has begun

Today March 23, 2011 the world has changed... Today YDM Label - Young Dinosaur Movement officially add their presence to the interweb, Rock N' Roll may never be the same.


Subject: earthquakes and tsunamis and meltdowns, oh my!

Via email
From: Mason Mark (via Tokyo Japan)
Subject: earthquakes and tsunamis and meltdowns, oh my!
Date: March 15, 2011 5:15:55 AM
To: Mike Rusczyk, Ofad, and 10 others


Subject: hello, fear not, i am MACKING this earthquake shit!! \(oO)/

Via email
From: Mason Mark (via Tokyo Japan)
Subject: Re: Calling Mason Mark are you out there Mason Mark
Date: March 11, 2011 9:15:57 AM PST
To: Mike Rusczyk

The Office of Recent Hearts

The office of recent hearts & random callings... Radio Ofad mixtape of randoms that standout to my head... - Mike

one take & I'm out

DJ Max Wordlow plays: youngbloodz vs. lil wayne + more = Radio Ofad


Somewhat recent and somewhat random photos of the recent random

This group of photos is mostly an assortment of random images taken in 2010, no real thread tying them together just random.

Max Wordlow plays some funk 45's

I feel like this funky music let the good times roll funky to the bone this funky music makes you feel good charlie brother we got to love one another the chicken till i get my share do it baby whole lot of woman chicken strut who's gonna take the weight you can have watergate just gimme some bucks and i'll be straight freaky to you... Radio Ofad

Rock and Roll's Tin Soldier: Steve Marriott

Ofad favorite Aren Anderson treats us to the life and times of Steve Marriott front man / backbone of the Small Faces & Humble Pie, so sit back, relax, & bask in the light of the Afterglow as this is Radio Ofad.



A little Chris Wells, Chinese food, coffee & custom frame building with Jeremy SyCip is good way to spend a rainy afternoon in Santa Rosa.