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Cowgirls and costers

Cowgirls and coasters

Recently found that setting up a tripod and shotting random...

Patio gardening

"We have tons of indoor space in our city loft, but no yard. So, we planted a patio garden."

JSLV Backpack product photography

Here's the new World Tour backpack from JSLV and The Seventh Letter.

JSLV part at Shore Ultra Lounge, Long Beach

April 30th, JSLV threw a party at the Shore Ultra Lounge in Long Beach with DJ Greyboy, Warchurch, Toko Tasi and...

Concealed rubber band gun

Three-shot, semi-automatic rubber band gun.


Public Notice, The oFad is coming of age

The oFad welcomes you to our site, we are proud to invite you into our...

Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua Tree National Park

Recent trip to Joshua Tree: Old rock faces and alien places. Ofad members Mike & Michelle explore the passage of leisure in the Mojave Dessert (part one)...