Ofad: I come from the Midwest

This video was originally from "The Retirement Party" a video to coincide with the release of Mike Rusczyk's first board for Foundation Skateboards.


Ofad: Hand-painted Boards Project

In 2006 Mike Rusczyk and a group of five others took on the task of painting 150 skateboards... The goal was to make each board a successful painting, the project took three months to complete. VIDEO DAYS!


Via email: rodent studio is up and rolling (again)

Anyone who knows Eric "Rodent" Cheslak can attest to his occasional abrasive presence, when it comes to him making sound collages he in some way transfers this impression to an audio landscape.


email form Elias Ressegatti regarding where skateboarders go when they get oldver it

Email regarding the Mike Rusczyk's Skateboard Mag Guest Ed.

Mike Rusczyk self indulgent lamerodness

I had to because I cling to the past, Art Bars was at the least a good moment in...