Rock N' Roll


YDM, it's official the movement has begun

Today March 23, 2011 the world has changed... Today YDM Label - Young Dinosaur Movement officially add their presence to the interweb, Rock N' Roll may never be the same.

Rock and Roll's Tin Soldier: Steve Marriott

Ofad favorite Aren Anderson treats us to the life and times of Steve Marriott front man / backbone of the Small Faces & Humble Pie, so sit back, relax, & bask in the light of the Afterglow as this is Radio Ofad.

Automatic correction tape, a journey through thirty six freedom sodas

The Immaculate Conception Act Two or thirty six freedom sodas, this show is Guided By Voices. {Radio Ofad}.

The immaculate collection or other works in progress

Ofad member Mike Rusczyk gives us a small taste of the everlasting. be advised that this transmission will come from the sky and be Guided By Voices. This is {Radio Ofad}.

Nathanetics + Pony Attack!! Vol.2 An American Werewolf in 1981

Born in 1981 This little show was made of songs that came out in the same year Nathanetics came out and into existence. This is {Radio Ofad}