About Radio Ofad

Mixtapes and traded sounds played a big role in our lives and I'm sure yours. Radio Ofad is our chance to give back and make things heard.

We are here for you to be hear now, Radio Ofad.

Radio Ofad

DJ Max Wordlow - funk 45 mix

60 minute mix using all original issue 45 rpm funk records. {Radio Ofad}

DJ Max Wordlow live! in his bedroom vol. 4

30 minute mix I put together a couple nights ago. Some hip hop, some funk. {Radio Ofad}

Nathanetics + Pony Attack!! Vol.3 Cover Me Radd

Covers can be BADD and covers can be RADD. I think these songs fall into column 2. This is {Radio Ofad}

DJ Max Wordlow live! in his bedroom vol. 3

More hip hop and funk mixed together on two turntables using vinyl records.

The immaculate collection or other works in progress

Ofad member Mike Rusczyk gives us a small taste of the everlasting. be advised that this transmission will come from the sky and be Guided By Voices. This is {Radio Ofad}.

Nathanetics + Pony Attack!! Vol.2 An American Werewolf in 1981

Born in 1981 This little show was made of songs that came out in the same year Nathanetics came out and into existence. This is {Radio Ofad}

Nathanetics + Pony Attack!! Vol.1 How Does It Feel?

Nathanetics + pony attack!!
{Radio Ofad} To be honest there really isn't a theme for this mix. It's just the latest and greatest, the songs...

DJ Max Wordlow live! in his bedroom vol. 2

50 minute hip hop mix recorded the old school way using vinyl records.

Cowgirl Blue

Radio Ofad tackles Country Music as a way of expressing alcoholic angst OR episode two. {Radio Ofad}

Welcome to Radio Ofad "This could be your life" or episode one

Chris Wells and Mike Rusczyk go round robin on some music and street recordings, this is {Radio Ofad}