About Radio Ofad

Mixtapes and traded sounds played a big role in our lives and I'm sure yours. Radio Ofad is our chance to give back and make things heard.

We are here for you to be hear now, Radio Ofad.

Radio Ofad

these are the breaks

To make the song "straight out the jungle" the Jungle Brothers looped the drum break from the beginning of the Bill Withers song "kissing my love" and...

Nathanetics + Pony Attack!! Vol.7 Yeah But You Didn't

Back at it! This is a collection of mostly newish songs I am feeling with a couple old gems. Hope you like it. Yeah but you didn't.

Automatic correction tape, a journey through thirty six freedom sodas

The Immaculate Conception Act Two or thirty six freedom sodas, this show is Guided By Voices. {Radio Ofad}.

sixteen forty fives & one twelve inch

new records and old records but all new to me

Max Wordlow and Phil play rare groove

lots of funk, soul and jazz on this mix

DJ Max Wordlow: one from the archive

This is a mixtape I made in 2005... {Radio Ofad}

Nathanetics + Pony Attack!! Vol.6 Midwest Ideals

This is the soundtrack to MIDWEST IDEALS. A little zine I made about Michigan, my home state....

Nathanetics + Pony Attack!! Vol.5 I'm Still An Animal

All animals are heterotrophs, meaning that they feed directly or indirectly on other living things.

Nathanetics + Pony Attack!! Vol.4 Sad Songs Make Me Happy

What can I say? I'm a sucker for sad. This right here is a melancholy mix of sound. Some are straight to the point heart...

DJ Max Wordlow - sister funk

This mix is my version of the popular "sister funk" compilation that came out in 2000...