About Radio Ofad

Mixtapes and traded sounds played a big role in our lives and I'm sure yours. Radio Ofad is our chance to give back and make things heard.

We are here for you to be hear now, Radio Ofad.

Radio Ofad

Max Wordlow plays some funk 45's

I feel like this funky music let the good times roll funky to the bone this funky music makes you feel good charlie brother we got to love one another the chicken till i get my share do it baby whole lot of woman chicken strut who's gonna take the weight you can have watergate just gimme some bucks and i'll be straight freaky to you... Radio Ofad

Rock and Roll's Tin Soldier: Steve Marriott

Ofad favorite Aren Anderson treats us to the life and times of Steve Marriott front man / backbone of the Small Faces & Humble Pie, so sit back, relax, & bask in the light of the Afterglow as this is Radio Ofad.

DJ Max Wordlow plays Curtis Mayfield


DJ Dollar Short: Boogie Buttoxxx

Ofad's long time friend and a Midwest original Tony Allen introduces us to DJ Dollar Short's apatite to move your ass. So LISTEN UP and get your back up off the wall. This is Radio Ofad

Soulfire Soulfire Soulfire Soulfire

DJ Max Wordlow plays some rough funk from the vaults of Soulfire records

DJ Max Wordlow plays Bill Withers


Stereophonic Sound

DJ Max Wordlow presents "Stereophonic Sound". Hip hop records blended together for 60 minutes plus a little bit of funk thrown in the mix too.

live! in his bedroom vol. 5

"But listen to this mix and you’ll know what he means. Long outros that would get chopped by entry-level Serato motherfuckers lay here in the buff..." -Gabe Meline


a look back at the 7" singles released on the Memphix record label

these are the breaks

listen to the original songs used to make the "bust a move" beat