Mike Rusczyk


Ofad: Hand-painted Boards Project

In 2006 Mike Rusczyk and a group of five others took on the task of painting 150 skateboards... The goal was to make each board a successful painting, the project took three months to complete. VIDEO DAYS!


Somewhat recent and somewhat random photos of the recent random

This group of photos is mostly an assortment of random images taken in 2010, no real thread tying them together just random.


Getting lost in the desert: two occasions of fun with the sun

When live in Southern California some times you have to venture into the desert for one reason or another...

Photo Profile of Mike Rusczyk on X-Equals blog

Photo Profile of Mike Rusczyk at X-Equals photo blog

The Ofad feels that Mike Rusczyk's recent interview and photo profile by X-Equals photo blog is worth your precious time.
View Mike's article over at X-Equals »


The Office launch show Nov.14th

GROUP SHOW and launch party.
Ofad is coming of age Saturday Nov.14 at 7:30 White Space - 811 E 7th Street #2, Long Beach. Be there and get launched.