One Year Later

Holy Smokes, I totally pulled a Rumpelstiltskin! At least Metaphorically.....


A Sight Unseen

The Daily Ordinary: What is seen through my eyes on a regular basis.

The Office of Recent Hearts

The office of recent hearts & random callings... Radio Ofad mixtape of randoms that standout to my head... - Mike


Via email: rodent studio is up and rolling (again)

Anyone who knows Eric "Rodent" Cheslak can attest to his occasional abrasive presence, when it comes to him making sound collages he in some way transfers this impression to an audio landscape.


Around The House: take stock of your environment

Items that exist in my existence in my house that is an our house that is occupied by my wife and I. The home of The New Rusczyks looks something like this.


Apologizes and other misconceptions about productivity: or just some miss spelled bullshit

An attempt to qualm the aspirations of any re-occurring visitors to this site...



A collection of cell phone generated animations while hanging out with my 5 year old nephew Bradley...

email from Bransin Anderson regarding the band Oso and Web Development

email from Bransin Anderson regarding the band Oso and web development

...as it turns out he was the web developer on the new Oso site for good friend and Ofad family member Phil Taylor. I answered his email and this was his reply to my reply...

email from - Das Wolf

Re: I was wondering if you want to send me another... email from Das Wolf

Email from Das Wolf on the subject of who is Stephan Wold in the form of line drawings or what is a Wold vs a Wolf.


email form Elias Ressegatti regarding where skateboarders go when they get oldver it

Email regarding the Mike Rusczyk's Skateboard Mag Guest Ed.