Around The House


Around The House: take stock of your environment

Items that exist in my existence in my house that is an our house that is occupied by my wife and I. The home of The New Rusczyks looks something like this.

Alive and well

In Bloom

The colors are changing; The flowers are blooming, again. The cats are anxious and well.

My Grandmother in 1945

The Past Is Not Forgotten

I recently visited my Grandparents home in Rocky Mount, NC. There are so many memories, so much to see. The house is being sold, but the past will never be forgotten.

Poor traits from a old dudes birthday party

Poor traits from a thirty two year old birthday party

So I turned thirty two the other day, I being Mike Rusczyk. My girlfriend and friends decided to make party, eat spareribs, and drink lots of beer. I decided to shoot portraits of them...

Shirts with Shane & Nicole

"When someone calls and asks me about printing shirts I'm always down."

Cowgirls and costers

Cowgirls and coasters

Recently found that setting up a tripod and shotting random...