Ofad Blogs November, 2009

Mail from Chris Thompson

"A month or two ago Chris Thompson sent me a CD filled with images"

Nathanetics + Pony Attack!! Vol.4 Sad Songs Make Me Happy

What can I say? I'm a sucker for sad. This right here is a melancholy mix of sound. Some are straight to the point heart...

DJ Max Wordlow - sister funk

This mix is my version of the popular "sister funk" compilation that came out in 2000...

DJ Max Wordlow - funk 45 mix

60 minute mix using all original issue 45 rpm funk records. {Radio Ofad}

October is over, but it was nice.

October was fun. Halloween, fun events, good weather...


The Office launch show Nov.14th

GROUP SHOW and launch party.
Ofad is coming of age Saturday Nov.14 at 7:30 White Space - 811 E 7th Street #2, Long Beach. Be there and get launched.

DJ Max Wordlow live! in his bedroom vol. 4

30 minute mix I put together a couple nights ago. Some hip hop, some funk. {Radio Ofad}