Ofad Blogs July, 2009

Aquired a ripping new resource for output

Aquired a ripping new resource for output

I recently purchased a very nice tool, the Canon 5D MK II - chronicled here are some of the images that it produces.

Jessica Althoff Detained

Jessica Althoff Detained

Ofad friend Jessica Althoff ran into a little trouble on entry into the UK a while back. "Still not exactly sure why. I am forbidden from reentering the UK ..."

chicago Dog

Across the Usa - sorta

Last week I wandered from Illinois to California.

Cowgirl Blue

Radio Ofad tackles Country Music as a way of expressing alcoholic angst OR episode two. {Radio Ofad}

checkout on Luce Goods

The little checkout on Luce Goods

Friends are important with out them life could be a very boring place. This is a little expose on ofad friend and contributer Miss Lucie White and her bag company Luce goods.