Via email: rodent studio is up and rolling (again)

January 13, 2011 Artical by Mike Rusczyk

Back story
I first meet Rodent along time ago while he was living on the sketchiest block of San Francisco's Market Street. Rodent was renting a studio space with not one window and really high ceilings, at the time I was getting really into making noisy wired sound collages on the computer. I would always have a tape recorder with me recording things I felt were interesting and thread the noises into sound pieces.

From time to time I would hangout with Rodent, skate San Francisco and crash at his studio, Rodent had long ago quit drinking and doing any sort of drugs. We stay up fucking around with his sound equipment and I would get drunk.

August has found me at home this month mostly, sorry I missed your and Michelle's wedding.
Just wanted to drop you a line to check out that Ive set up my music equipment again in my new apartment in Raleigh and have been making stuff. Check out the pics and mp3's. Don't get your hopes up too high i'm still trying to figure out pro tools and made all these in a live recording fashion. I still have the tapes we made at my old apartment in SF, someday they will get digitized and posted somewhere. I remember when you were into doing all kinds of sound collaging. its fun and keeps the mind sane when every other day is all about skateboarding. My mind is always getting snagged by sound and noise. its part of the world. hope you dig, shred on bro!!

ofad-photo-of-8144.jpg eric-rodent-cheslak-stuido.jpg

Some sound collages via Rodent's Soundcloud



Memorium Bite

Grandfather Claws


You can check out more of what Rodent does over at The Skateboard Mag, where he is a staff photographer.


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