Somewhat recent and somewhat random photos of the recent random

February 17, 2011 Artical by Mike Rusczyk

This group of photos is mostly an assortment of random images taken in 2010, no real thread tying them together just random.

ofad-photo-of-4216.jpg ofad-photo-of-4219.jpg ofad-photo-of-4209.jpg ofad-photo-of-4213.jpg ofad-photo-of-6856.jpg ofad-photo-of-8957.jpg ofad-photo-of-4189.jpg ofad-photo-of-8212.jpg ofad-photo-of-4438.jpg ofad-photo-of-5714.jpg ofad-photo-of-9202.jpg ofad-photo-of-8313.jpg ofad-photo-of-8306.jpg ofad-photo-of-3906.jpg ofad-photo-of-3909.jpg ofad-photo-of-2736.jpg ofad-photo-of-5390.jpg ofad-photo-of-8961.jpg ofad-photo-of-4189-2.jpg ofad-photo-of-1.jpg ofad-photo-of-9367.jpg ofad-photo-of-8278.jpg ofad-photo-of-8261.jpg ofad-photo-of-8750.jpg ofad-photo-of-0700.jpg


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