Old Man of the Lake

September 12, 2010 Artical by Layne

Before leaving Klamath County, Crater Lake was our next destination. Earlier in the day, we were in Florence Oregon sliding down the sand dunes and swimming in freezing lakes. After being in the water just a few minutes, my toes were completely numb. It was the middle of May in Oregon, so I expected that would be the case. Not to mention the snowy conditions we would run into later that day. A few random stops were made throughout the day, including the site of the formation of the falls...

Dunes1.jpg Dunes2.jpg Dunes4.jpg Formation1.jpg Formation2.jpg Formation3.jpg Formation4.jpg Doors.jpg Home1.jpg Home2.jpg Crater1.jpg Crater3.jpg Crater6.jpg Crater7.jpg Crater8.jpg Crater9.jpg Crater10.jpg Hats1.jpg

More skateparks, waterfalls, mountains, beers, and RV riding....what could possibly go down next? Oregon has treated us all too well.


Those falls look amazing,

Those falls look amazing, snow capped islands and cold lakes... Epic.

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