Subject: Wisconsin Fall

October 15, 2010 Artical by Mike Rusczyk

Via email:
A recent quick one from Das Wolf in regards to traveling back to the Midwest in autumn. -Mike

Hey Mike,
Hope that you're fuckin rockin in a free world my man.
I just came back from Wisconsin. If you ever missed Autumn, check out my art bars pics I took while I was home.
Man I remember those type of days being the best days for skating back home. The sessions always lasted longer because we all knew they would be gone soon. Skate spots covered in snow and ice.

dos-wisconsin-fall-0160.jpg dos-wisconsin-fall-0161.jpg dos-wisconsin-fall-0163.jpg dos-wisconsin-fall-0268.jpg dos-wisconsin-fall-0283.jpg dos-wisconsin-fall-0284.jpg dos-wisconsin-fall-0287.jpg dos-wisconsin-fall-0289.jpg dos-wisconsin-fall-0290.jpg dos-wisconsin-fall-0292.jpg dos-wisconsin-fall-0293.jpg dos-wisconsin-fall-0296.jpg dos-wisconsin-fall-0297.jpg dos-wisconsin-fall-0298.jpg dos-wisconsin-fall-0300.jpg dos-wisconsin-fall-0303.jpg dos-wisconsin-fall-0304.jpg dos-wisconsin-fall-0307.jpg dos-wisconsin-fall-0310.jpg dos-wisconsin-fall-0311.jpg dos-wisconsin-fall-0313.jpg dos-wisconsin-fall-0314.jpg

Stephan Wold

"Angels Fly because they take themselves lightly"


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