email form Elias Ressegatti regarding where skateboarders go when they get oldver it

May 28, 2010 Artical by Mike Rusczyk

Recently I got an email via the Ofad contact form and I wanted to take some time to re-post it. The email was regarding a Guest Ed in issue 75 of the Skateboard Mag and I have to say it really stoked me out. If you are interested you can check out the article the email below was referring to.

Hey Mike,
I don't know you but watched your skateboarding throughout all these years.
Never was a big mosh fan or anything, but your article in the skateboardmag with ray barbee on the cover was touching.

Most of us skateboarders have to realize we won't make the dream - aka american dream "you can if you work hard enough" - cause too many uncontrollable elements are involved. But you totally made the point, the important one.

Thanks for that, it's inspiring. I'm going towards 30, was never really good or anything. I wish you all the best, a great marriage (i'm there for a bit more than a year, and let me tell you, it's the best thing i've ever done in my life) and success with your projects, and: leisure-time....

enjoy your life!


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