email from Bransin Anderson regarding the band Oso and web development

July 22, 2010 Artical by Mike Rusczyk

Email from Bransin Anderson via the Ofad contact form regarding the band Oso and the nature of this here site. I did not know Bransin Anderson before the his recent contact with Ofad, as it turns out he was the web developer that made the new Oso site for good friend and Ofad family member Phil Taylor. I answered his email and this was his reply to my reply I felt it might be cool to re-post it here. -Mike

Hey Mike, thanks for the response and kind words.

Thanks for the offer of doing articles for ofad. I love every bit you have done with the website. Such great photography and content.

Right now I just launched my redesign and I plan on publishing my content their solely. Sort of my life archive for friends and family at a central location. Who knows when I die, but this will always be there as long as someone knows to fork the bill for hosting.

Thanks for your compliments on the Oso article. I don't find myself to be the best writer, and often I branch into many directions when writing about a topic and in the back of mind I feel like I'm approaching it incorrectly. I communicate better in person. Maybe this is a sign for me to enhance my thought about things and writing ability. I find it difficult to write about life, ongoing topic, and the creative. I work a 9-5 for a web design/marketing agency and at the end of the day I lack strength. This goes for my own personal site and the lack of publishing of rambles.

Enough about me. I checked out the homepage. You've got a good eye for design for the recent Radio Ofad. I feel your design. This same concept applies to the entire site. It's simplistic at it's best but so strong with fonts and imagery. In a way it's a turn from the typical web 2.0 design bullshit. Your design is simplistic and informative like a magazine article. I can never remember a time where a magazine was difficult to read. Slowly I feel clients and users are turning in favor of this simplified direction wanting content right away rather than flash intro pages and a design so strong it takes the eye away from the content. Personally I'm tired of space rainbow backgrounds, paisley, social media icons, vector clouds, and overhead designs of a cup of coffee on a desk with an iphone.

Thanks for the heads-up on Drupal. I work with a coworker who is into experimentation with the platform. At my work I've heard a number of stories and customization with drupal, and how it can become like you described, "a thorny mess". I'm quite a fan of ExpressionEngine after a few projects. In my opinion, a there is learning curve, but a great number of addons to help you along your web developmental way. You can easily accomplish tasks as a front end developer with this platform.

- Bransin


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