Couture for a Cause

February 28, 2010 Artical by Jessica Domino

"Being that i have immediate family and friends who struggle with diabetes everyday, i was thrilled to find out i had the opportunity to collaborate with The Diabetes Association for Couture For A Cause. It came as a surprise to me when i realized what a challenge it was going to be to design a garment that embodied the association and still have a flare of me in it. The first thing that came to mind was blood. After speaking with the rep for The Diabetes Association i was told about an upcoming event that was going to be Mardi Gras themed. My finished piece ended up being 100% 'blood red' silk, hand sewn crystals, sequins and beads. I spent hours and hours bedazzling it for the runway and the Mardi Gras parade. I didnt feel like that was enough, so i decided to also embellish the open back with the logo for The Diabetes Association. To me this completely embodies a dress that was inspired by diabetes."

This was my artist statement. 20 designers were paired with 20 nonprofit organizations (ex:Inter-Faith Food Shuttle, Boys & Girls Club, Neuse River Foundation, Artspace etc..) for this fashion show benefit. Designers were asked to create an outfit that embodied the mission and 'spirit' of the organization they were paired with. The designer whose outfit best captures the essence of their organization according to a judge panel receives a $250 cash prize.

The winning garment was a vest that had forks and spoons on the shoulders and a skirt that was partly made up of cereal box leftovers. I don't tell me. I suppose I should have made a coat of syringes and Splenda packages!

I took these first four images minutes before the show.

Overall it was a good experience and all profits went to the organization. My dress was one of a few that were auctioned off for over a hundred.


Dress is fantastic.

Dress is fantastic. Symbolizes blood and therefore embodies the routine diabetics go through on a daily basis.

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