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February 10, 2010 Artical by Ofad

A photo blog much more...

Brandon Oelling's X-Equals is great resources for any one who shoots photos, the site has tons of tutorials on post production workflow and managing your life in a world of way too many files. Brandon is also an old friend of Mike Rusczyk's who happens to rip on a skateboard as well as behind a camera. Mike and Brandon recently got a chance to do some catching up in the form of a photo profile and interview over at the X-Equals site.

View Mike's article over at X-Equals »

Visit X-Equals Photo Profile on Mike Rusczyk
Exerpt from X-Equals Photo Profile on Mike Rusczyk

Ofad recommendeds that you check out Tobin Yelland's Photo Profile on X-Equals!

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Ofad recommended viewing: X-Equals Photo Profile Tobin Yelland
Tobin Yelland talks about life, work, and being a skate photographer at age 15... more please »


Awwww shucks yer makin' me

Awwww shucks yer makin' me blush Mikey!

Thanks homey!


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