Re: Mogwick aka Lardlungs

December 1, 2010 Artical by Mike Rusczyk

The Story
(Brent) Morgan Wick is a good old friend of mine that I do not keep in touch with at all. He lives in Portland Oregon, skateboards, is super into his motorcycles and makes amazing art. Every great once and a while I'll make my way up to Portland and hang out with Brent for a little bit, party, skate, whatever. It's been well over three years since I have been up there and I'm sure Brent is doing really well.

Collected here is a group of emails and harvested content from Brent's site, the items are sporadic and in no particular order. Just a collection of emails from Brent over the past couple years.


Subject: you still out there?, Date: August 10, 2010.
Mike you still use this email? hope so, just looked in on Ofad and saw that it is really coming along, glad to see it isn't sitting idle. anyway, haven't spoken to you in a long time, hope you are well, write me back and saw hi sometime. brent

brent wick

mogwick-aka-lardlungs-23.jpg mogwick-aka-lardlungs-1.jpg mogwick-aka-lardlungs-1-5.jpg mogwick-aka-lardlungs-3.jpg mogwick-aka-lardlungs-4.jpg mogwick-aka-lardlungs-5.jpg mogwick-aka-lardlungs-6.jpg mogwick-aka-lardlungs-7.jpg mogwick-aka-lardlungs-8.jpg mogwick-aka-lardlungs-9.jpg mogwick-aka-lardlungs-10.jpg mogwick-aka-lardlungs-11.jpg mogwick-aka-lardlungs-13.jpg mogwick-aka-lardlungs-14.jpg mogwick-aka-lardlungs-16.jpg mogwick-aka-lardlungs-17.jpg mogwick-aka-lardlungs-18.jpg mogwick-aka-lardlungs-19.jpg mogwick-aka-lardlungs-20.jpg mogwick-aka-lardlungs-21.jpg mogwick-aka-lardlungs-22.jpg mogwick-aka-lardlungs-26.jpg mogwick-aka-lardlungs-art-1.jpg mogwick-aka-lardlungs-art-7.jpg mogwick-aka-lardlungs-art-11.jpg mogwick-aka-lardlungs-art-8.jpg mogwick-aka-lardlungs-art-2.jpg mogwick-aka-lardlungs-art-5.jpg mogwick-aka-lardlungs-art-13.jpg mogwick-aka-lardlungs-art-9.jpg mogwick-aka-lardlungs-art-12.jpg mogwick-aka-lardlungs-art-22.jpg mogwick-aka-lardlungs-art-21.jpg mogwick-aka-lardlungs-art-14.jpg mogwick-aka-lardlungs-art-25.jpg mogwick-aka-lardlungs-art-23.jpg mogwick-aka-lardlungs-art-24.jpg mogwick-aka-lardlungs-art-16.jpg mogwick-aka-lardlungs-art-6.jpg mogwick-aka-lardlungs-art-15.jpg mogwick-aka-lardlungs-art-10.jpg mogwick-aka-lardlungs-art-4.jpg mogwick-aka-lardlungs-art-17.jpg mogwick-aka-lardlungs-art-18.jpg mogwick-aka-lardlungs-art-3.jpg mogwick-aka-lardlungs-art-19.jpg mogwick-aka-lardlungs-art-20.jpg


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