Summer's End

December 9, 2010 Artical by Layne

With the highs in the 30's this week in North Carolina, I wish Summer was still here. I would definitely have settled for more of a Fall. All I can do at this point is look back on what fun I did have this past summer. Many fun trips were taken to the NC mountains. The following photos were from a particular day to a swimhole deep in the woods.

Astonished.jpg Digging.jpg Dissapearing.jpg Hand.jpg Contemplating.jpg Thinking.jpg Thoughts.jpg Falls2.jpg Descending.jpg Descending2.jpg Falls3.jpg Falls4.jpg 2Head.jpg Stones.jpg Butterfly1.jpg snail4.jpg meowmeow.jpg

At the end of each day, hopefully something productive was accomplished. In the Winter, its a bit more difficult to get out and explore.


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