Get Lost in The Woods

August 4, 2010 Artical by Layne

This may have been my first true hot springs hang out. The hike alone was pretty epic. At 8am after skating all day and drinking all night there may be nothing better than a hot spring to soothe the body. If you have ever seen the movie "old joy" with Will Oldham, than you know about Bagby Hot Springs. Of course it wasn't the best film, but you get the point. Here is some documentation from that part of the day!

Bagby1.jpg Bagby2.jpg Bagby3.jpg Bagby5.jpg Bagby6.jpg Bagby7.jpg Bagby8.jpg Bagby9.jpg Bagby10.jpg Bagby11.jpg Bagby13.jpg Bagby14.jpg Bagby16.jpg Bagby17.jpg Bagby18.jpg Bagby20.jpg Bagby21.jpg Bagby22.jpg Bagby23.jpg

What a nice way to start the day.


Those baths look epic

Those baths look epic

Sick, are those natural

Sick, are those natural hotsprings?

yes, they are natural hot

yes, they are natural hot springs

I love this so much! I just

I love this so much! I just moved to Portland from Chicago and I am going to check this place out in a couple weeks!!!! Yeah!


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