Mt. Hood, Oregon

August 2, 2010 Artical by Layne

Our trip continued...We drove a few hours outside of Portland and ended up in Mt. Hood, Oregon. The first stop off was the skatepark. After a few hours of destruction, we drove around to observe the beauty. If you are lucky enough to catch a few nice days, its truly amazing. The rental RV was packed with skateboards, beers, tents and of course toilet paper. We were off to a good start.

Hood1.jpg Hood2.jpg Hood3.jpg Hood4.jpg Hood5.jpg Hood6.jpg Hood7.jpg Hood8.jpg Hood9.jpg Hood10.jpg Hood11.jpg Hood12.jpg Hood15.jpg Hood16.jpg Hood18.jpg Hood19.jpg

Each day is more of an adventure than the day before. Its safe to say that we accomplished plenty on this trip. The next day we woke up and headed straight for Bagby Hot Springs.


i dig the photos dude, how's

i dig the photos dude, how's the job going?

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