Mail from Chris Thompson

November 22, 2009 Artical by Eric

Getting mail is still exciting to me. Email, instant message, text messages and even the phone at times make me cringe. A letter or package with my name on it is exciting at least for a moment, if it's from some agency that I don't want to deal with. Sending something in the mail takes time and that's probably what I appreciate the most. So when I open my mail box to find a package from a friend containing photographs of his recent paintings I get pretty excited!

A month or two ago Chris Thompson sent me a CD filled with images of new, and a few older, paintings that he knew I hadn't seen. After a brief discussion over the phone I decided on posting the paintings below, which are some of his most recent (the last 2 years). I hope you enjoy them.

Chris is working on making his paintings available as Giclee prints. If you are interested you can contact me through the Ofad contact form or Chris from his Myspace page.


i love this guys wrk!!!!

i love this guys wrk!!!! sooo good!

dope stuff

dope stuff

is the same artist that made

is the same artist that made the artwork on Sunny Day Real Estate's Diary album?

Yeah Chris Thompson is a

Yeah Chris Thompson is a good friend of Eric Simpson's. Eric is originally from Washington state and so is Chris.

He has done some pretty rad stuff that has been used and one of which is the Sunny Day Real Estate cover.

Chris' control of his paintings and subject matter is... for lack of a better word epic.

- Mike

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