Shirts with Shane & Nicole

May 25, 2009 Artical by Eric

After stopping by a couple weeks ago to catch me up on his latest work, Shane and I have been on a little reunion tour working on projects together again and talking frequently.

My home is set up for people to use. It's a loft with a photo studio, garden, a homemade screen printing press and a ton of space to do whatever you want, and it's big enough to have a bunch of people over while you're doing it. I've always had this vision of recreating Warhol's factory, yet I know that won't happen. However I want to use it as much as possible while I have it and when someone calls and asks me about printing shirts I'm always down. So that's what we did last night.

The screen press is a version of a homemade kit I bought from on the internet years ago. It's not the best or most easy to use but it works and I've printed thousands of shirts with it. I use a barn heater to dry the shirts and have figured out how to use many household items to recreate standard printing methods.

We only printed a few and it was a two color shirt so it went pretty fast. I could have registered the shirts and setup for a large run but I find it a lot more fun and rewarding to let people help each other by holding the screens in place. This gets everyone involved and insures that each shirt will be a one-off. Essentially each one is it's own piece of art.


Its so great to see someone

Its so great to see someone doing this.

Can I come make some shirts?

Can I come make some shirts?

it was so cool to see this

it was so cool to see this done, It would be fun to do it again!!

that's rad! my

that's rad! my silk-screened attempts always turned out really cheezy.

Can you tell me about the

Can you tell me about the bar heater? Where did you get it? I would like to be able to dry my shirts without putting them in the oven

You really just need a

You really just need a quartz heater that will get hot enough to cure the ink. Every ink has a curing temperature listed on it or the instruction sheet and most quartz heater will get hot enough if you put it close enough to the shirt.

This is the heater I use. It was only $80 when I bought it in '02 but it was from another company. Its the perfect size for shirts.

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