Old friends new city

May 2, 2009 Artical by Eric

Well maybe San Diego isn't a new city for us but it's the first time I'd seen my old friend Chris Thompson there. I met Chris growing up in Washington and we've stayed in touch throughout all of our moves. He called me last week to let me know he was flying into San Diego for a few days. Chris is a painter and tattoo artist, the latter being the reason for his trip to SD. Apparently someone from SD had contacted him about doing some work based off the album covers he painted for Sunny Day Real Estate in the '90s. He has another long-time friend from WA that tattoos at Avalon II in SD, so he lined up a guest spot and hopped on the plane. Most of the time I spend with Chris is drinking and telling stories so it's always a great time, but there's usually a slight headache the next morning to remind me of the fun.


Epic paintings the

Epic paintings the battleship one is awsome

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