Public Notice, The oFad is coming of age

April 27, 2009 Artical by Ofad

The oFad welcomes you with open arms and not much content. We are sorry for this as we lag and lag and are mostly comprised of laggers. The goal of The oFad is to supply the world with a little piece of love and caring in the form of art.

He who seeks, finds? Find life in the Ramblings of ofad?
He who breathes, breathes the light of life.
He who giveth back is one with the source.

- oFad Welcomes you

Please take a second to poke around and see what can be found.



It has been years that Mike

It has been years that Mike and his friends have been talking about trying to do something like this. It's about time to see them get their shit together and referance it on the web.

Long live the what eves ness

Long live the what eves ness of the ofad and what ever you guys are doing

F YEah

F YEah

Yes this shows a definite

Yes this shows a definite possibility for the existence of hope to this here mankindness. Thanks be to the ofad for becoming part of the greater good that will equal a rand circle as a cycle.

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