Concealed rubber band gun

April 30, 2009 Artical by Eric

An old iPod was converted to conceal a three-shot, semi-automatic rubber band gun. With people loosing their jobs left and right, at least they can go postal without killing anyone!


Are you selling these?

Are you selling these?

that is the coolest rubber

that is the coolest rubber band gun i have ever seen do they sell thoes cuz i really want ont

Yes. You can find the rubber

Yes. You can find the rubber band guns in the toy dispensers that you are in front of liquor/convenient stores. They cost 25ยข each. Probably on some website too. I found them in Long Beach, CA.

The iPod image was a joke for a website that never came to life. I created that photo in Photoshop.


can you buy these on a

can you buy these on a website



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