Joshua Tree National Park

April 20, 2009 Artical by Mike Rusczyk

Recent trip to Joshua Tree: Old rock faces and alien places. Ofad members Mike & Michelle explore the passage of leisure in the Mojave Dessert. Three days in Joshua Tree National Park will do anyone a bit of silence.

Windmills off Interstate 10 Windmills and blank sign The town of Yucca Valley Joshua Trees Joshua Tree Campsite RV Tarp Structure Our Campsite table Our tent nesseled in stone Michelle morning coffee after our first night under a million points of light Two Stones Hidden Valley landscape Sunset Joshua Tree Beers at night Sunset Michelle and I Michelle cowboy up James and Kelly Verret the view from my horse Portrait of James Verret Michelle and I on horse back Michelle on a the very noble grey horse epic salad Amazing Rubin Portrait Michelle Trail stones boulder Dry creek bed Split Boulder and Tree Rock formations Small rocks progress into large rocks The cactus were blooming Blooming cactus Desert Rose Michelle Boulder and tree Rock formations Split Rock Rock formation Panoramic of Hidden Valley Tree and stone Our camp site Our camp site Dusk on stone gods another epic sunset Going home


hi there, great photos. i'm

hi there, great photos. i'm planning on making a trip to joshua tree as part of a round trip, SF to LA to Yosemite to SF and was wondering about camping in JT. We're going to be in a small van and was wondering if it's ok to just roll up and stay there or do you need to book space in advance

First come first serve, It's

First come first serve, It's an epic spot but also an epic climbing spot so the sites fill up with climbers. So get there before the weekend is my Suggestion.

- Mike

HEY GUYS I sooooo remember

HEY GUYS I sooooo remember you two great pictures and thanks so much We are not there at th ranch anymore We are a block north of ranch still have horses of coarse.Hope all is well with you two and Merry Christmas....

You guys were the best we

You guys were the best we thank you for an awesome time, we really loved it and Cross Roads was epic.

- Mike

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